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Jul 22 2019

TrackRock Stable (Blairsville, GA)

We specifically picked Trackrock Campground as one of the places to stay so we could go to their stables.  Our girls love horses.  When we booked our campsite we also booked a 2 hour trail ride. They have about 65 horses on the ranch, 45 are owned by Trackrock and the other 20 are ones that people are boarding at their location.

The horses each had their own individual personalities. The trail was a little tight and steep in some places (bushes would brush up against you) and my horse, Tango, enjoyed bouncing from tree to tree.  They had a lot of different trails you could ride on depending on the weather and wildlife in the area. There were bear tracks on one section of the trail and our horses were a little skittish in that area so we took another path.

We had 9 guests and 2 guides on our trail ride. We walked, trotted, and cantered with our horses. The trail went through the woods, meadows, streams and more. It was a hot day, but the majority of the ride was in the shade. At one point it started raining, however, it didn’t last very long so we didn’t get too wet.  The horses were well trained yet had a lot of spunk.  Thankful for the opportunity to go for our ride at Trackrock Stables.  The kids LOVED it!

Karlie riding Chef

Jake on Carlos and Brina on Felipe

Enjoying the trail ride!

Our crew in one of the meadows.

Are we having fun yet!?

Trackrock Stables

Apr 10 2015

Travel & Vacation: Visiting Disney’s Epcot (Orlando, FL)


My sweet princess!

We saved Epcot to explore last since it was one that Jake wanted to go with us.  It was so much fun riding all the rides, exploring the various countries, watching the shows and so much more.  We had a blast, so much fun in fact that we decided that on our last day we wanted to go back to Epcot for one more day.  Thankful for a great time packed full of wonderful memories with my family.


Feeding the manatees some lettuce


Ready for a bright and sunny day at Epcot


You can see this Epcot ball from our hotel


Our picture from the Spaceship Earth adventure together


Playing an energy game, pretty cool


Brina racing her car


We’re ready for the show!


The Space section was a hit especially with Karlie!


Our first Mission Space ride.  They generously chose to do the “green” (aka easy level) first since I get sick on some rides.  Thankfully we all survived!


Delicious snack at one of the bakeries!  We split this heart shaped waffle with tasty jam inside.


Stopping for a minute to rest while we check out the map for the next place we want to go.


We’re ready and thankful for a moment to relax!


The kids did amazing with their camel backs.  Not once they complain or get dehydrated or hungry (although we did have more potty breaks).

Epcot, Dolphin Resort, Swan and Dolphin, Lights, Family, Disney, Walt Disney,

Biotechnology Lab at Epcot.  It looks really neat and you see all kinds of cool produce being grown that will be used in various Disney restaurants.  The only odd about this ride is the second time we road it there were animal (dog shape) paw prints in the sand (not sure where those came from).


Turtle Talk with Crush – super cute and very interactive with the audience!


Living Seas Hydrolators and Seacab Ride


Looks like the shark at a couple kids!


Karlie is loving her time at Epcot

Apr 03 2015

Travel & Vacation: It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Orlando, FL)


Brina and Jake riding on the boat through It’s a Small World

The lines weren’t too long so we were able to get onto several rides, however, we had a couple hiccups with some as well.  The kids liked It’s a Small World so much that we did it 2 times.  The Pirates of the Caribbean was a little bit of a disappointment because we stood in line for an hour and were 10 people from the front of the line when it broke down so we didn’t get to go on it.  It took us another 30 minutes to get back out because we had to wait for all the people behind us leave.  The girls did well and had a great attitude despite the long wait time.  The Jungle Cruise was a fun boat ride with lots of neat sights along the way.  The kids really enjoyed it.


Smiling and soaking in all the sights at It’s a Small World


It’s a Small World banner as you go in




Always something to look at on the boat ride


Still smiling while waiting in the long line for the Pirates of the Caribbean


 Catching up and chatting while in line


Yay, found a place to sit while waiting


Going on the Jungle Cruise


All smiles on the Jungle Cruise


Beautiful waterfall


They loved looking at all the animals and sights on the Jungle Cruise


So much fun!

Apr 02 2015

Travel & Vacation: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Enchanted Tales with Belle, and Astro Orbiter at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Orlando, FL)


Being silly in line for the Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid Ride

Thankfully the lines were pretty mild most of the morning at Magic Kingdom.  We got onto the Ariel’s Little Mermaid ride fairly quickly, however, we did stop to snap a few pictures.  We had a great time at Magic Kingdom going from one activity to the next.  The girls were troopers and did awesome not only in line, but walking everywhere.  It is nice at their age they can do almost everything too!


Waterfall outside Little Mermaid


Entertainment while in line!


On the ride


On our way to see Belle


Karlie with Belle at the Enchanted Tales with Belle


Brina with Belle at the Enchanted Tales with Belle


Brina getting a bookmark from Belle!


It was a bright sunny day, somehow this is the only picture I got of the girls in front of the castle (a quick shot on our way to another ride).


My co-pilot on the Astro Orbiter


Karlie went by herself on the Astro Orbiter.  She was very excited to fly!


Karlie giving me the thumbs up.  Let’s just say this was not my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom.  I get dizzy and nausea on a lot of spinning rides.  This one was one of those rides.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as some rides (like the spinning teacups…oh, boy).


Yes, that is Karlie way above Brina and I.  I am not entirely sure we ever left the ground, but Karlie was having a grand time!

Oct 30 2012

Family Activities: Fall Festivals

Jake on the spinning teacup with the girls!  The last time I went on this ride it made me so sick and dizzy I thought I was going to throw up in one of the girls pumpkins full of Halloween candy!

One of the fun activities our family enjoys participating in every Fall is the local festivals!  The girls love getting a chance to go for a ride on carnival rides, hayrides, bouncy castles, check out ambulances, firetrucks, helicopters, pet farm animals and more (for free)!  They always have a blast at this event!

Here are a few pictures from one of our favorite fall festivals that we try to go to every year at a local church in our area.   Although you do get a bag of candy the highlight is the fun activities (not candy).  If you are looking for a safe place to trick or treat for Halloween check to see if any of your local churches do a  “Trunk or Treat” event.

Off they go on another ride!

Going UP……..

Jake and the girls flying by me on a chair swing!

Brina flying down the slide!

Karlie zooming down the giant slide!

All of us went on the Thomas the Train ride together!

Checking out the inside of the ambulance!

They had a lot more activities going on that I didn’t get pictures of like face painting, hair glitter, carnival games and more!  Do you have fall festivals in your area that your family always looks forward to attending?  What type of activities do they have at the festival?