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Nov 04 2019

Atalaya Castle (Murrells Inlet, SC)

Hallway through the center courtyards, the water tower is in the middle

During our stay at Huntington Beach South Carolina State Park our family visited the Atalaya Castle. There is a small fee to tour the house, if you want you can purchase an audio tour for an additional fee.  We choose to do the tour on our own.

Atalaya has a neat history!  It was built by Acher and Anna Huntington during the Great Depression. Archer was their philanthropist from New York City and Anna was an artist. They built the house in South Carolina as a place to stay during the winter after Anna was diagnosed with tuberculosis. They designed the house after Spanish and Moorish architecture. The house has 30 room with a center courtyard full of native plants and a water tower. The Huntington’s insisted that the house be built by people from local community to help boost the economy in that area during the Great Depression.  The house was once on 9,000 acres of land.

If you are in the area and have some extra time we recommend stopping by for a visit.

One side of the inner courtyard

Touring the castle

Anna was a sculpture and she designed these wrought iron pieces to cover the windows. They are both decorative and serve as protection from hurricanes.

Entry doorway

Vine growing up through the window

In the kitchen….

My crew!

Outside of Atalaya Castle

Oct 21 2019

Marshes & Campground at Huntington Beach (Murrells Inlet, SC)


We had nice walks along the boardwalks near the marshes at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The boardwalks went out over the marshes where you could see a variety of wildlife and enjoy the beautiful weather. There was at one point a nature center, but it was currently being rebuilt when we were there.  It will be another great addition to the park once it is complete. There were not a lot of bugs in the evenings when we went for walks which was really nice.  It was a good place to visit, explore, and spend time together with the family.

The Huntington Beach campgrounds were nice. We had electricity and water hookups at our campsite.  There was only one trash dumpster in the whole campground and it is near the visitor center / gift store so depending on where your site is located you may have a good hike to get rid of your trash. The bathrooms only had 2 showers and there were not a lot of bathhouses on the campground. We went after school started so it was not the busiest season but there were still lines to get into the showers most days.  Overall it was a great park and we enjoyed it.  The biggest improvement would be in the bathhouses, they could have been a little cleaner and larger.

Sunsets were beautiful

We stayed at campsite 111. It was gravel and level

Nice walk at dusk through the marshlands

Awesome boardwalk that takes you through a good bit of the marshes

Sun is going down

The clouds looked pretty neat

Enjoying the last few rays

Sunset reflecting off the clouds

Quiet day at the marshes

Last rays of the sun going over the horizon

Huntington Beach State Park Chairs

Love this sign!

Oct 19 2019

Beach Fun at Huntington Beach State Park (Murrells Inlet, SC)

Enjoying the rain on the beach!

We had a wonderful time on the beach at Huntington Beach State Park.  It was a mix of sun and rain!  The rain didn’t stop us from heading to the beach for some fun in the sand and water.  We stayed at the Huntington Beach Campgrounds, it was a nice walk to the beach.  Access to the beach wasn’t too far from our campground and it was pretty quiet.  Only a few families were on the beach near us.  If you walk further down the beach it got a little bit more crowded especially on the nicer days.  Thankful for an opportunity to get away together and enjoy some time at the beach.

Digging in the sand and watching the little critters

On the run

Fun on the beach

Birds, Sand and the Atlantic Ocean

Sand art

My crew

All smiles

On the move

Atlantic Ocean

Dusk walk on the beach

Sun is going down and the rain clouds are moving in now.

Enjoyed our time at Huntington Beach

Aug 31 2016

Work & Family Event at Lake Keowee

WJC&B Work and Family Event at Lake Keowee

Karlie and Brina with their friend kayaking on Lake Keowee

This past weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy a Lake event with Bridgette’s co-workers at Lake Keowee!  We had a blast!  A huge thanks to Jeff and Sonya for their hospitality.  They graciously shared their home, boat, kayaks, paddle board, life jackets, floats, and many other fun items with everyone.  The girls had a grand time kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, and splashing around off the dock!

Thankful for an opportunity to relax and have fun with people at work.  It was a great opportunity for Jake and the girls to meet some of the people I work alongside day to day.  The weather was gorgeous, food was delicious, and the company was great too.  Grateful for a chance to hang out at the Lake for a day – perfect way to spend a Saturday!  The kids slept well that night after a fun day at the Lake Keowee with their friends!!!


The kids had a blast at Lake Keowee


Karlie enjoying the paddle board


Karlie and friends going for a ride on the tube!


Their expressions crack me up!


Go Faster!!!


Brina and friends going for a spin on the tube!


Cruising along!


Look out for that wake!


Karlie ready to get back in the water!


Beautiful day and gorgeous view of the lake from the house

Aug 16 2016

Airports & Transportation: Charlotte International Airport – CLT (Charlotte, NC)

Our family LOVES traveling!!!  We especially enjoy it if we are able to get a reasonable priced flight out of the nearest airport, Greenville, SC (GSP).  If we cannot get a flight out of Greenville then Charlotte International Airport CLT is our next airport of choice.  Charlotte is not too far from Greenville and often has great tickets.  We try to always leave a little bit earlier than we anticipate because with traffic and the occasional rain shower it can slow you down.  Plus we typically park in the long term parking and catch the shuttle to the airport so that takes  a little more time then a quick drop off at the airport.

On our last two big trips we flew out of Charlotte International Airport CLT.  One of our trips was up to New England and the Midwest and our most recent trip from Charlotte was to Anchorage, Alaska.  Brina and Karlie went to their last day of their Robotics and Software Computer Game Programming Camp at the Roper Mountain Science Camp while Jake and I tackled the last few items we needed to get done at work.  I came home from work, picked up Jake, and then we picked up the girls from camp on our way to the airport.  Traffic was pretty good and we only had a few sprinkles of rain on the way to Charlotte so we made good time, despite our unscheduled potty break stop a couple exits before the airport.  Jake was able to wrap up more work items and a couple calls on the way to the airport as I drove.

We quickly found out that the Charlotte airport can be a little busy on Friday afternoons and evenings.  It took us longer than normal to find a parking spot in long term parking.  We were beginning to think the lot was completely full, but we found one eventually near the end of the lot.  Once we found a spot to park and got all our luggage out of the van we immediately made our way to the canopy to wait for the next bus to arrive.  Thankfully they have a bus pick up people every few minutes.  The first bus that arrived at our canopy location was completely full so we had to wait for the next bus which we could see coming down the road.  They had a bus probably every 2 to 6 minutes going through the parking lot.

The long term parking bus drops you off at the basement level and directly across the walkway from the check in counters.  Once you get into the airport you’ll need to take either the escalators, stairs, or elevator up to the 2nd floor to check into your airline and drop off your luggage.

We’ve had great experience even during the busier times of getting through the check-in lines fairly quickly and smoothly.  You can go through any of the TSA check points because all the terminals merge immediately after the check points.  We typically pick the TSA line with the shortest line or one with the most open lines at the time.  As long as you follow the TSA guidelines (take off your shoes if over 12 years old, no liquids, etc….) you should get through pretty quickly.  The terminals are well marked and easy to get to as well.  If you are looking for a snack, drink, or restrooms they have a number of options and locations just outside the main terminals as well as along the terminals.

It can get crowded at times, but we’ve always had good luck flying out of Charlotte.  The employees are friendly, professional, and do their best to get you on and off your plane in a timely manner.  They do not have any control over the weather, but otherwise we’ve had no issues.  Thankfully this flight was the same.  Quick, easy, and on time!  Thank you CLT!

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