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May 25 2016

Relationships: Blessings of Good Friends

Lily - Red & Orange Flower - Mother's Day Gift

Friendships are a special part of life, and each and every friendship is different.  Some friendships develop and grow when times and places make it easy for friends to be together and share.  Some friendships mature and change and last a lifetime, even when distance and silences exist.  The wonderful part of a good friendship is that it touches your heart with feelings that make every day more beautiful and worthwhile.  – Ben Daniels

I am thankful for my friends.  While reading the other day I came across the above insert from Ben Daniels.  It was a great reminder for me and might be for you as well.  Hopefully each of us have developed at least a handful of these types of friendships in our lives because they are priceless.  They journey through life with you no matter the amount of miles between you and the time gaps in seeing each other.  With all the technology (cell phones, internet, social media and other) we have the resources available to at least stay in touch to these friends.  Reach out to these friends in your life this week.  Be an encouragement, share some laughs, and invest the time in these friendships.

Mar 24 2014

Hero of the Year History Project

Hero of the Year  History Project

 Karlie’s Time Magazine Hero of the Year Project – Thomas Sumter

The girls did a Social Studies project at school recently about various people in the American Revolution.  They made their own Time magazine “Hero of the Year” cover page and article.  They each picked one person and they did more research about the life of that particular person.  Karlie choose to research Thomas Sumter who was nicknames “The Fighting Gamecock”.  Brina did her research on George Washington who was nicknamed “The Father of His Country”.  Both men were instrumental and influential during the early years of our country specifically during the time of the American Revolution.

Time Magazine Hero of the Year Social Studies school project

Brina’s Time Magazine Hero of the Year Project – George Washington

On the back of each of the girls Time Magazine cover page was the details about the hero and his life.  It was a fun Social Studies project and the girls got to learn a lot of other details about the American Revolution during their time of research.  It is neat to see them get excited over fun school projects.  Both of them really enjoy learning about history!

Apr 17 2013

Heart Reflections: His Perfect Timing

We read a little bit in the book of Esther with the girls recently.  Esther’s words “for such a time as this” not only struck a cord in my heart but in the girls hearts as well.  Have you ever thought about how you have been placed on this earth at this exact time for a specific reason?  During our recent devotional with the girls they asked the question “Why did God chose for me to live today not many years ago or sometime in the future?”

What a great question, right!?  One that I have actually thought about a lot over the past few years myself too.  God knew us even before we were born (how cool is that)!  🙂  He chose for us to live today, during this time, and at this very moment for a special reason. The problem is often times we don’t always realize or know what that really means for us.  We get so caught up in the daily obligations of life itself we forget that its the little “daily” stuff that can really have a life long impact on the lives of others.  Take our kids for example…feeding their bodies, teaching their minds, and shepherding their hearts now can make a positive impact on many future generations to come.  Will we mess up?  Yes!  That is normal, however, it is important that they know we love them, we make mistakes, and that our hearts aren’t perfect either which is why we need Jesus’ grace, love, wisdom, and forgiveness just as much as anyone else.

We have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world, starting with the people around us.  Are we taking the time to share his love, kindness, mercy, goodness and grace to those people we interact with daily as well as those we may only have 1 opportunity to touch their lives?  I am thankful He has allowed me to live today…to have a spouse who loves me, to have these children keep me on my toes, friends who challenge me to do better, extended family who want to be a part of my life, a blog to reach out to people I may never meet in person, and so many more amazing blessings in my life.  Are our lives reflecting Him through our words, thoughts, and actions so that we have many opportunities to make a positive eternal impact?  If not, what do I need to do to change?

The girls are really thinking lately. We went from Jesus to John the Baptist to (Carmel Hair Coats, Esther, Baptism, Life, Death, Salvation,  Sharing the Good News, Extended Family, Heaven, Praying, what is a Pastor, Faith and maybe even a couple more thrown in there along the way…).  Quite the discussions lately, but I am thankful for their desire to learn and grow.  I pray that Jake and I will have wisdom we need to answer the questions in a way that will only strengthen their faith and make a positive impact on their lives and hearts.  One of  the best parts about reading through a variety of devotional books with them is that it really seems to initiate some good conversations.

Apr 23 2011

Book: “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney

I was thinking about some of my favorite books I enjoy reading to the girls.  The book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney is one I have read to our girls many times.  It is a great book for parents to read to little ones.  The book is about a small rabbit who is asking how much he is loved and comparing the love to things / objects around him.  It helps put “love” in a perspective that our children can understand.  The book is a good reminder to the kids and parent both.  It is important that we show our love and appreciation for our children not only by reading the book to them but in many other ways throughout the week – a hug, listening, spending time with them, and just appreciating them for who they are as individuals.

Apr 20 2011

Heart Reflections: Stretching Towards the Sun

Our family has recently planted a garden.  Since it had been getting cool at night we started the seedlings inside.  Every day I have watched and nurtured those little plants.  Some of the seeds popped up quickly while others never came up.  As I watched the plants growing each one stretched out their leaves towards the light.  Once they were big enough we transplanted them outside in our garden.  Shortly after planting them we had a night of heavy wind, rain, and even hail followed by a frost on the ground a few days later.  Even though it was “safe” for us to plant the garden outside there are still risks and dangers.  Many of the seedlings survived the tough few weeks of new growth, however, some did not make it.  Although, our hope was that every plant would thrive we know that nature will do some natural pruning especially in the weaker plants.  For whatever reason some plants didn’t make it (something caused the undesirable side effect…maybe the roots were too shallow or wet / dry or too much shade / sunny or bugs or a number of other factors) .  On the other hand some plants thrived despite all the challenges they faced.

While I was thinking about the plants it occurred to me that the analogy can be applied in some ways to our own lives.  We should be looking towards the Son at all times, the one who created us.  We all grow at our own pace, some of us may have sprouted quickly while others are delayed but have a more solid root structure.  Even though life may not be perfect and we may experience seasons of drought, hail, or disease we still have a choice of where to focus our attention.  Once we decide where we will focus our energy we will experience a variety of ripple effects (sometimes the effects are positive and other times they can can be less desirable).  When we are in stressful situations do we continue to grow or do we wither under the pressure of life? We all want to continue growing, thriving and producing a beautiful fruit.   The big step is making sure our root structure is strong and secure.  We do this through continually cultivating a relationship with our Savior.  Yes, this will take our time, energy and nurturing, but in the end it is worth it.  We all want to feel loved, appreciated and valued yet so often we look towards our earthly relationships to provide that fulfillment whether it is through our spouse, children, serving at church or whatever fills that void.  Instead we should look to our creator who made us, never fails, and loves us unconditionally.  As we notice flowers and plants stretching towards the sun, let that remind us of the importance of reaching towards the Son in our own lives as well.

“Heart Reflections” is a series of thoughts and encouragement that come directly from my heart.  Life has a way of throwing us extra challenges and when our focus is pulled away from what is truly important we tend to feel the pressure of stress in our lives.  This series is created to remind us that we are part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  We don’t have to face the pressure of life on our own.  We can trust that our prayers are being heard.  He alone knows what’s best for us and gives us the appropriate strength to get through each day as it is set before us.

Photo by Stig Nygaard