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Apr 23 2017

Rib Country BBQ (Helen, GA)

Rib Country BBQ

On a recent family trip to Helen, Georgia we stopped at Rib Country BBQ for dinner.  Their BBQ smelled delicious as we were exploring downtown Helen.  The girls ate a kids Rib Basket and Jake & I had a shredded Pork BBQ.  The meals were very filling and delicious barbecue.

The restaurant had a choice of indoor or outside seating.  Since it was a warm evening we chose to eat outside on the deck.  A band was playing during our dinner which was nice.  The kids loved watching all the tubers coming down the river past the restaurant.  We set on a table overlooking the river.

The kids had so much fun eating dinner and watching the tubers go down the river that they asked if we could go tubing as well.  We didn’t realized they were already tubing with the water still being chilly.  Most of the people going down the river were fully dressed except for their feet which most have flipflops or crocs on which made me feel better about not getting fully soaked.  Plus the tubes had the bottoms in so you didn’t have to have your backside in the water the whole way which should keep us warmer.

Overall:  We recommend the food, atmosphere, service, and entertainment at Rib Country BBQ.  If you enjoy ribs or BBQ this is a great place to eat. The price was reasonable too.

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Aug 31 2016

Work & Family Event at Lake Keowee

WJC&B Work and Family Event at Lake Keowee

Karlie and Brina with their friend kayaking on Lake Keowee

This past weekend we had the opportunity to enjoy a Lake event with Bridgette’s co-workers at Lake Keowee!  We had a blast!  A huge thanks to Jeff and Sonya for their hospitality.  They graciously shared their home, boat, kayaks, paddle board, life jackets, floats, and many other fun items with everyone.  The girls had a grand time kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, and splashing around off the dock!

Thankful for an opportunity to relax and have fun with people at work.  It was a great opportunity for Jake and the girls to meet some of the people I work alongside day to day.  The weather was gorgeous, food was delicious, and the company was great too.  Grateful for a chance to hang out at the Lake for a day – perfect way to spend a Saturday!  The kids slept well that night after a fun day at the Lake Keowee with their friends!!!


The kids had a blast at Lake Keowee


Karlie enjoying the paddle board


Karlie and friends going for a ride on the tube!


Their expressions crack me up!


Go Faster!!!


Brina and friends going for a spin on the tube!


Cruising along!


Look out for that wake!


Karlie ready to get back in the water!


Beautiful day and gorgeous view of the lake from the house

Jul 27 2014

Travel & Vacation: Tubing on Lake Milford


5 kids + 1 tube = loads of fun on the water!

Tubing was a huge hit with the kids again this year.  I think almost all the kids went on the tube at some point over the weekend.  We had two of the exact same tube in two of the boats so if one boat was water skiing and knee boarding the other boat would be doing the tube or something else.


Brina on the tube with her two cousins Nate and Brandon.


Nate, Brandon and Sierra went a little faster on the tube!


They got some air under that one!


The expressions on their faces crack me up!


 You can’t go as fast with 5 kids on the tube, but they still had a grand time!


All smiles!  Who knows what they were laughing about this time around!


Waving at the water skiers and knee boarders from the other boat!


Ready for a wild ride?!  Bracing themselves for the next bump!


Smiling as they zip around the lake!


Always a couple of dare devils in every crowd!


Lunch time!  Sandwiches and grapes on the tube (makes a good picnic table)!


Karlie and Brandon hanging out on the tube!

Jul 26 2014

Travel & Vacation: Family Reunion at Acorn Resorts on Milford Lake


A lively round of golf (the card game) with the kids!

Our weekend with family in the the Acorn Resorts on Milford Lake was a lot of fun.  We had a blast playing games and splashing around in the lake.  We even were able to celebrate some birthdays during our weekend together!  Thankful for a great weekend with our family!


Karlie enjoying her time at the lake!


Who wants to play “chicken”?!  Brina and Nathan are ready!  Thankful that the girls had a chance to hang out with their cousins and for the memories they have created!

Karlie jumping off the tube!


Another serious lake competition!?  🙂  No, just having fun!  Look out for Amber and Sierra!


Ouch!  That one looked painful!


Sierra’s very proud of her talent!  Hilarious!


Brina springing off the tube!


Nicko having a grand time swimming around the lake!


Oh no, here she goes again.  Look out below!


This cool contraption was flying over head as we were swimming around in the lake.  Looks like fun too!


Karlie was always ready to go FASTER!


Brina, Brandon, and Karlie on the tube!


Nate, Meg, and Sierra got some air on this one!


Whoa!  Hang on!


They are having a blast!


Karlie and Brandon going for another spin!


Candice and her friends sailing across the lake on the tube!


They even let me go a couple times!  Loads of fun on the lake!


We had a grand time zipping along on the tube!


The kids are all showered after a fun day at the lake.  Passing the time watching TV while the adults get dinner ready!


Happy Birthday Nicko!  He had a super cool cake! The trucks on top were a huge hit too!


Time to celebrate and eat some delicious cake!

Jul 25 2014

Travel & Vacation: Tubing, Knee Boarding, and Water Skiing at Milford Lake!


Waving as she passes family!

We spent the weekend at Lake Milford playing in the water!  It was fun to watch everyone go tubing, fishing, knee boarding (or boogy boarding as we grew up calling it), skiing and more.  Thankful for some time together creating memories with our extended family!


Grandma and Zachie hanging out on the boat!


They are having way too much fun back there on the tube!


Karlie tubing with Aunt Megan and Uncle Josh


Karlie got up on the knee board again this year! We knew she could do it!


Working on getting the rope unlatched so she can hold it on her own!


She’s doing it on her own!  Way to go Karlie!


Karlie’s first time knee boarding with someone else!  She was so excited to be knee boarding at the same time her Daddy was knee boarding!  A big thanks to my brother for taking these pictures for us of Karlie and Jake because I was on another boat with Brina!


Karlie knee boarding with Jake!  She could live in the water she loves everything about it!  So proud of her for doing the knee board by herself.  She said it was a lot of fun, but her arms when her arms got sore she didn’t want to stop she was having so much fun!


Megan and Josh on the knee boards!


Lee making it look easy!


Waving to Nicko and Zachie on the boat!


Swinging his way out!


Skiing until the sun started to set!  The lake was smooth and beautiful at this time of day!